Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Mulberry Beanstalk

Is this some kind of magic mulberry beanstalk that grows before my eyes? Will my chickens start laying golden eggs soon?

The below photo was taken on 8th May - look how much its grown since my last update here.

I'm planning on pruning the tips soon - I think its getting too spindly and am hoping that will encourage some more bushy growth.

And do you love my tree ties made from old Chux? My Italian grandfather would be so proud.


  1. Oh wow that has put on a growth spurt!
    I use whatever comes handy as ties...right now bits of old lace curtain leftover LOL!
    Happy chook. Making friends with the owl?

  2. The golden eggs would be grand :O)
    have a great weekend
    A xx

  3. okay I've nipped the tips off now - we'll see if sends out some side shoots..


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