Saturday, 5 March 2011

Behold the Amazing Mulberry Tree

Check out our fantastic new mulberry tree.

       Jan 23rd                                                       Feb 18th                                                          Mar 5th

It's almost doubled in height in a month and a half. I wish all our plants grew this quickly.

We planted it when we decided that we'd add a deck to the back of our house, so we'd need some screening to stop us looking directly into the neighbours yard. At this rate, it'll be 20ft high by the time the deck is completed.


  1. That's the best thing about living in Queensland...stuff grows it.....we can recommend unintentional crop derived from throwing away old guinea pig food......recycles into new human food!

  2. I think we got an unintentional pumpkin vine from the chicken food last year - but we never got any pumpkins so we ripped it out convinced it was a weed. I only found out later that you have to help it pollinate to turn the flowers into pumpkins..


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