Monday, 7 March 2011

Skye Gyngell's Lamb and chickpeas

Sunday nights are a good time to try new recipes - I've got a little more time and a little more patience than I do on weekdays.

I've really enjoyed Skye Gyngell's How I cook - its a lovely collection of simple recipes and the photography is so soft and warm.

Even though the temperature has only dropped a few degrees, I've been yearning to break out the slow cooker. So I chose this delicious recipe for Shoulder of Lamb with Sweet Paprika and Chickpeas.

I didn't have eight hours to let the slow cooker to work its magic, so out came the Le Creuset. It had the advantage of being able to brown the lamb on the cooktop and then go straight into the oven. (I had to replace the lamb shoulder for forequarter chops.)

Only two hours later the meat was coming away from the bones and the kitchen smelled amazing (I'd also replaced sweet paprika with smoked paprika - which I figured was a fair trade despite it being in the title of the recipe..)

I'd also replaced Skye's pretty wilted chard with some cous cous, which I'll admit isn't as aesthetically pleasing but hey a girl needs carbs.

I'm glad it held up to all my tinkering - it was easy enough, only used one pot and even tasted amazing for lunch the next day.

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