Monday, 21 March 2011

Veggie Seeds in the Post

I got a package of seeds in the post today from Diggers - exciting stuff!

It'll be my first big foray into heirloom seeds - I'm especially excited about the soy beans - edamame here we come!

I'm also trying out lucerne as a green manure - you're supposed to grow it where the soil needs improving, then just as its about to flower you chop it down and mulch it back into the soil so it enriches it with nitrogen. We'll see how it goes - I want to plant it up the back of the veggie garden where the soil isn't great - but I'm afraid it won't get enough sun to really thrive there either..

And of course the Italian in me had to order three types of tomatoes as well - even though we're coming into winter..


  1. Just come across your blog - now a follower. Little packets of seeds in the mail are just a delight to find in the mail box.
    Tomatoes do well in Brisbane in winter so you might have good success with your three different types.Tommy Toes are very nice and I grew them last winter.

  2. Thanks ElsieMay!

    I know - winters in Brisbane aren't exactly arctic so I might do alright if I keep them in a sunny spot.

    Diggers always has photos of their tommy toes with a brick on top in their ads - kind of a strange way of selling tomatoes but hey it worked on me!


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