Thursday, 24 March 2011

Salmon & Lentils with Avocado & Chermoula Salad

The behemoth that is Masterchef is yet to grace our TV screens this year - but with a gift subscription to the magazine I've never been too far from George's grinning mug.

I'm trying to reduce my meat consumption so this salmon recipe took my fancy this week.

I got to use our food processor for the chermoula - it's still a bit of a novelty even though I use it all time to chop up our scraps for the chooks.

A perfect avocado! They're always risky :)

I had to stop myself from picking at the raw salmon.

And this was how it turned out.

To be honest - the red lentils weren't that thrilling and even though I'd put in heaps of cumin and paprika, it was still a little on the bland side. The salmon was still delish but maybe next time I'd add a little chilli to the chermoula.

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