Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jocelyn's Provisions & Magnolia Interiors

We made a delicious pit stop on Saturday morning.

Jocelyn's is possibly the prettiest bakery in Brisbane - and their cakes and savoury treats are amazing.

For birthday parties at my office we always order their Sour Chocolate Roulade - it's definitely a crowd pleaser.

But I have to say I'm pretty partial to their Orange and Almond or Carrot Cakes.

Whilst Mr Tchotchke was tucking into his mid morning snack (a very fancy sausage roll) - I snuck into Magnolia Interiors in their new premises across the way.

They've got so much more room to work with in their new store and some really gorgeous displays. Mr Tchotchke commented that even though he believes we're already severely "over-cushioned," he wouldn't mind adding the above octopus cushion to our collection.

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