Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The First Line of Defence Against Possums

Yes - it's come to this. Ridiculous plastic garden statues.

When the first batch of herbs that I planted last year in our newly formed veggie patch got massacred in only 24 hours - I knew I was facing the old enemy - the possum.

Having battled possums at two previous apartments - I didn't want to plant another thing without some kind of defence mechanism. After researching dubious ultra sonic deterrent systems I thought I'd go with the old fashioned method - chicken wire, and lots of it. After all, this would keep the chickens off the plants too.

But I also thought I'd give the googly eyed owl statue a shot - and to be honest I think it's helped a little. The chickens do seem wary of him. But as Mr Tchotchke says, its a slippery slope - next thing I'll be installing a plastic tiger in the backyard.

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