Monday, 16 May 2011

Deck Dressing Inspirations

Although I've been loving this cold snap over the past few days in Brisbane - these gorgeous terrace/patio/outdoor space pics have me longing for spring already so we can go outside and make the most of our new deck!

Domino via Maison Marigold

Alvhem via Apartment Therapy
Martyn Thompson for House & Garden 2007 via Apartment Therapy

Kathryn Ireland via Oliveaux
Williams Sonoma via Apartment Therapy
Third Nature Studio via Apartment Therapy

Coastal Living via Oliveaux

Ruthie Sommers via Oliveaux


  1. Thanks for joining my blog, I too have joined yours. I love the images you have posted. I can't wait until we finally get a deck. We have great scenery but currently no deck to sit and enjoy. ;-)

  2. The Sonoma Williams one is my favourite! Do you reckon that is some kind of 'all weather' floor mat? Add new outdoor furniture to the list now . . gosh . . its getting long! lovT

  3. An outdoor rug was on my list when the deck was in planning stages - but now that I've spend so many hours oiling the lovely decking boards I can't bear to cover them up! They really help to define a seating area though..


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