Monday, 9 May 2011

The Chicken Proof Fence

After a few zucchini seedling casualties last week Mr Tchotchke put his foot down and decided that the veggie garden needed to be fenced.

We've chicken and possum proofed in the past with wire mesh - but I'm the first to admit its not terribly pretty - and doesn't always work.

We decided that we'd try a small fence around the perimeter of the garden bed to deter them from even entering the area. To be honest I didn't think it'd work at all - but I might as well ensure it looked nice.

So we ended up buying a 3m roll of bamboo fencing from Bunnings (not too bad for $29) and cutting in into 40cm strips and attaching it with cable ties to veggie stakes.

This is the before..

...and here is the after. Not to shabby - and would you believe its working so far? I think our dear chookies have forgotten that they can fly. Either that or they're getting too fat. They just sidle up to the fence, peer quizzically at it (see above) and get distracted by eating grass instead.

I wonder how long that'll last?

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