Saturday, 21 May 2011

DIY Budget Designer Bedroom Curtains

When we were renovating our home last year - I was seriously unimpressed with the range of ready made curtains available in attractive prints. Most options I found were either far too feminine or unimaginably bland. for  Everything I liked was custom made - and way out of my budget. 

I especially loved the below curtains that hang in Black & Spiro.

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

via Absolutely Beautiful Things
So when I found a similar print fabric in Ikea - look at what I made...

Not bad hey?

Even though the printed Ikea fabric was fairly inexpensive, the block out backing from Spotlight and the curtain tape and rail kit added up pretty quickly so it certainly wasn't the cheapest option out there - but I knew that if I went with a budget ready made option I'd always be longing for something prettier.

It took a few hours in front of the sewing machine but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I think the next project is recovering those lampshades..


  1. Hi there, your curtains have come up so well. From what I've seen of your posts you have a beautiful home. I'm happy to have found your blog :)

  2. Thanks for popping over to my blog to say hi. I have been enjoying wandering my way back through yours and will be following from here on. It seems we have MUCH in common including chooks, gratuitous chook photos, gardens, mulberry trees,second hand stores and love of decorating our homes. Mine unfortunately has been decorated in the Fisher Price style for the last 5 years, as well as the custard yellow we moved into with Betsy but I am a woman on a mission and hope to start showing more and more of me in the house and not previous owners and children. By the way yoru decorating style reminds me very much of Nostalgia and Now- she has a shop at WAC and has lots of photos of her house on her blog and she loves Trechikoffs too - you might want to add her to your blogroll. Enjoy this rainy weekend:) Melx

  3. Hi Sarah - thanks for your kind words! I absolutely adored the photos of your roses.

    And Bungalowgirl - yes it seems we have a lot in common! Who can resist a good gratuitous chicken shot? I'll check out Nostalgia & Now - thanks for the tip :)

  4. Out of curiosity, Alecia, what camera are you using?

    Love the blog - even though I'm not really with all this designy stuff.

  5. Hi Darragh - thanks!

    I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ35 - it's nothing flash - just a compact superzoom but it does the job :)

  6. Fabulous designer curtains. The very first thing to note down is that they match every-time the theme of the room and make the room more beautiful.


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