Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Black & Spiro Sale

So I popped along yesterday to the always highly anticipated annual Black & Spiro sale - and Anna didn't disappoint.

I made the mistake of being 20 minutes late and was met by a shop full of women clutching lamps and cushions, and their partners dutifully waiting outside. (Mr T joined took one look inside at the gaggle of ladies and soft furnishings and quickly joined them.)

There were plenty of bargains to be had - I was actually quite impressed by some of the markdowns - a lot of the larger pieces of art and furniture and even the gorgeous blue Peggy sofa that I'd lusted after here was discounted.

Alas I've got a deck to pay off so there were no pretty purchases for me - and to be honest the line for the register wasn't too appealing either. (Although it must be said everyone was very friendly and patient.)

But any non-purchase remorse was quickly soothed by an almond croissant at Bouquiniste.

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