Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Hunt for the Perfect Danish Modern Coloured Lounge

So I mentioned earlier that I was hunting for a new 2 seater sofa.. the old dark leather beast from when I first moved out of home has finally packed it in - so now I need a new friend to keep our vintage chesterfield (see here) company.

I'm embracing the mismatched sofas look - and I find it works best when they're really mismatched - so I'd love a bright fabric sofa in a slim-lined, danish modern shape, preferably on legs so it looks a little "lighter."

I've been stalking ebay with no luck so far - but this is my ultimate wish list/look book.

via Danish Teak Classics
via First Dibs
via Perpenduum
via Twenty21's flickr

via Bond&Bowery
via South of Market

via South of Market
via South of Market
via Absolutely Beautiful Things

However it should be noted that all of these are either from overseas retailers or are extremely cost prohibitive. So at this point - I'll have to keep searching ebay or hope that Ikea brings out a version quicksmart. The hunt continues...

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