Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Home is Where it all Begins

In my last post I referenced Apartment Therapy - which is far and away my all time favourite design blog.

To mark their tenth anniversary their founder, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan is writing a series of posts on Ten Things You Need to Know About Apartment Therapy

He's only up to number two, but when discussing Terence Conran's The House Book - he made the two below points that have really stuck with me.

All of this was not merely to impress the neighbours. Having a good home was more than skin deep; it was "one of the most worthwhile things in life" - the foundation of a good life."

It is not about stuff, it is about what you do with it that counts, and the home is where it all begins.

I think it's this focus on "a good life" that's what elevates Apartment Therapy above shelter blogs more focused on decoration - for me anyway.

The above pic is from my first apartment - that I was lucky enough to have featured in Apartment Therapy's Fall Colours Contest back in 2007 - you can still see the entry here.

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  1. I completely agree with you on Apartment Therapy! I've been checking it daily for years. The Kitchn and Unplggd also keep me interested.

    PS. Your deck is looking f-i-n-e!


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