Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Broccoli and Feta Pasta

This week Apartment Therapy/The Kitchn revisited one of my favourite recipes of theirs - Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta. I used to make it all the time back when I was a single gal because its so easy and quick, so I was excited about revisiting it again tonight.

This time I steamed the broccoli - but before I had a steamer I just used to boil it which worked fine too.

Because my little food processor is just a mini one I had to blend the ingredients for the sauce in three batches - here you can see the steamed broccoli, yummy danish feta and some basil leaves from our garden.

And a few seconds later it's a delicious creamy blended sauce!

And here it is all put together - the sauce took roughly the same time as the pasta did to cook - not too bad.

Apartment Therapy also had another interesting post Salt the Pot: Not the Pasta - which is something I did already - but I was intrigued by their suggestion to use two tablespoons of salt just as the water boils. As someone who usually just uses a pinch of salt - I thought the idea of pot water "as salty as the sea" was a little extreme - but I gave it a shot and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

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