Monday, 25 April 2011

My Uncle's Veggie Patch

At my Uncle's place on Friday I couldn't help taking a few snaps of his very productive veggie garden in a narrow bed down the side of his house.

The soft pretty purple eggplant flowers were so lovely!

I've never tried growing eggplants before but these were pretty inspiring

And like all good Italian veggie patched - a chilli bush!

This passionfruit flower was so amazing! We've got three passionfruit vines in the backyard - one on a side fence doing much better than the two in the shade growing on the chicken coop - but we've never had a single flower or fruit to date.

Maybe I should print out these photos and show them to our vines to give them a bit of a hint.


  1. wow! I need to get my gardening on! haha this is incredible! I can't believe that its only on the side of the house. So organized.


  2. i know! our veggie patch is probably ten times the size of theirs but nowhere near as productive :( its pretty inspiring stuff.


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