Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Woolloongabba Antiques Centre

Yesterday I took a trip to one of my favourite Brisbane shopping destinations..

The Woolloongabba Antiques Centre! I loved the coloured macrame plant hangers above - I can totally imagine them hanging over our deck - but somehow I don't think they're too wind-friendly.

I'm in the process of looking for a new 2 seater lounge (the main reason for my visit) and loved the shape of this one - pity its a 3 seater and too large for me. I'm sure it'll find a new home soon though.

My mum used to play the accordian as a child and I've always thought they would look so great in a home. And you know, I could totally use it to entertain guests..

I had a little swoon over this Tretchikoff print - we've got his Miss Wong print in our living room (we lugged it back from an antiques shop in Glasgow) and I'm sure she'd love a friend.

And you know I love a good animal tchotchke.


  1. Haha! Snap! I was there Thurs & loved this little bird also. Actually thought he might look nice painted in a block gloss. Good luck w your couch hunt! Have you been to the other vintage shops in that Logan rd area? Where pearl restaurant is. I only drove past but they look pretty great! LovT

  2. Hi Tina - I haven't checked those ones out recently - will have to pay them a visit. Would you believe I returned from an interstate trip on Friday night to discover the bird figurine on my dressing table? My husband had gone back and bought it for me :)

  3. Hi Alecia,
    I found your blog when WAC shared a link to this post on their facebook site. I then spent a little too long reading back through your previous posts and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed them!
    :-) Cassie

  4. Hi Cassie - thanks for your lovely comment :) I checked out your blog too - your sketch of your house is amazing!! It must be so fantastic studying interior design.


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