Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Case of the Stylish iPhone

I received another exciting package in the mail this week - a brand spanking new white iPhone 4 that my  lovely service provider upgraded me to.

And although it's oh so pretty and glossy and white, I wasn't first in line when they were handing out coordination skills so I'm feeling the need to invest in a case to keep my new toy safe and sound.

I've previously opted for the el-cheapo rubberised ones from random shopping centre kiosks - but this time I'm looking to the web for something more stylish.

I'm loving the cute text on this one - and for some reason the diagonal stripes immediately make me think of the gondola posts in Venice.

etsy seller PencilShavingsPaper
I remember the great Kate Spade cases from their stores overseas - and these two are available online.
Kate Spade 
Kate Spade
Am I too old for a good polka dot?

etsy seller PencilShavingsPaper
 Can I ever have too many chevron stripes?

etsy seller PencilShavingsPaper

I also liked this colourful houndstooth case - I think the white background would look better with the white iPhone.
etsy seller PencilShavingsPaper
 I know Mr Tchotchke would be partial to this handcrafted timber case.

etsy seller Signimade
 And I couldn't resist adding this crazy sushi case. Hilarious but a little impractical.

Strapya World
 And here's my new toy - still naked.. for now.

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  1. wow! so many beautiful options... love the stripes and the chevron ones. congrats on the brand new phone :) and nice meeting your blog!


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