Thursday, 5 May 2011

Red Quinoa and Mushroom Pilaf

Quinoa is everywhere - since when did grains become trends? I keep reading about it - and even read that it was pronounced "keen-wa"although I kinda didn't believe it until my gorgeous friend Yas used it in a sentence over the weekend.

So when I saw some red quinoa in Woolies I snatched it up - and I went to Martha for a recipe. I found her recipe for Red Quinoa and Mushroom Pilaf - find it here.

Here's Martha's photo...

Here's me washing the red quinoa - apparently its a very important step as it's covered with something called saponin which is quite bitter.

Here's me cooking up the quinoa with the mushrooms and shallots - choose a saucepan that you have a lid for because it needs to be covered and allowed to simmer.

And here's my finished dish - it was incredibly tasty - I loved the orange pieces with the dill and it's totally made me want to use more citrus in savoury dishes.


  1. Looks divine!! I haven't heard of red quinoa. My family loves it - well - perhaps that's an exaggeration - but they certainly like it better than couscous which I think they find a bit pretentious. Did you know that you can cook quinoa in the rice cooker? That's how I cook it. I've only been able to find it in health foods shops previously.

  2. Wow Quinoa has made it's way to Woolies! Love! I guess it's because of the coeliac/gluten allergy epdemic we seem to be in (in Australia)... :(
    P.s. I also heard Yas call it Keen-waa on the weekend and was like 'oh so that IS how you say it!' Haha, ah Yas our language guru.
    P.p.s Citrus garnish looked amazing!


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