Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Mutant Zucchini

So here is our first zucchini, just lounging around on a deck chair.

In case you didn't notice.. its a little odd looking, fatter at one end, slightly withered and puny at the other.

A little web research has helped me determine that it's been incompletely pollinated. I found out here that "When pollination is incomplete the fruit develops unevenly because the ovary wall enlarges more adjacent to fertilised seed." It goes on to mention that in cold growing conditions female flowers open before the male flowers so there isn't enough pollen present.

Since Mr Tchotchke hand pollinated it he's considering a little soft music and candlelight before his next attempt.

I'm hoping that it's similar to making pancakes and the first one is always a little wonky, but the next one will come good.


  1. I think it's so much fun, not to mention rewarding growing your own veg, even if they are a little strange looking. I'm sure it will taste like normal :)

  2. Mutant zucchini I salute you - doen't matter how it looks, its homegrown.

  3. We are deeply interested in this particular blog. Tell Mr Tchotchke that Mr Luvvie has also been hand pollinating this end with our pumpkins. Two female flowers growing side by side had promising fruit at the base - one flower wasn't open so he fertilised the flower that was open but then the fruit on the other one began to grow. Weird huh? The flower still hasn't opened but the fruit continues to grow. Is pollen like sperm I wonder - indefatiguable in its quest????? Down one stem and up can tell I failed science at school can't you?


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