Sunday, 5 June 2011

More Garden Work: A Stepping Stone Path

So even after our big gravel job the other weekend (here) we still weren't done in the garden.

When we were at Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies we also bought some pavers to make a stepping stone path to the chicken coop. 

As you can see we were wearing a path in the grass by walking up to the coop each day.

I initially wanted odd shaped stones, like these ones from Martha Stewart's blog...

via The Martha Blog
...until I realised how much they'd cost.

These ones were only $6 each - and were a whole lot easier for Mr Tchotchke to dig into the lawn.

Here's the view from the deck. Didn't he do a great job??


  1. Path looks great. Now you'll just have to hypnotise/train those chooks so they stick to it as well. melx

  2. A garden is never done, and I guess that's the beauty of it. It is interesting to learn the cost of everthing. Interesting is the positive term.


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