Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Visit to Capalaba Produce

Our go-to location for chicken supplies is Capalaba Produce. We get our chicken feed, shell grit, sunflower seeds, straw and even wire mesh from there.

But the highlight of every trip is always a visit to their livestock section..

This was just a taster - more animals after the jump.
My chicken spotting skills are still developing but I think this is a Plymouth Rock.

Mr Tchotchke always likes the billy goats - and tries to convince me that he'd never have to mow the lawn again..

Aw she's needed her lovely fleece these last few chilly mornings.

Ducks! If only we had a bigger backyard.

One of my favourite crazy looking chickens - a Crested Polish.

The roosters always look so impressive and regal.

Yes they even have pigs.

Mr Tchotchke has always longed for a micro-pig but I'm afraid it would grow up to look like these guys. Note the scrawny looking silkie in both pics that thinks it's a pig..

Yay for Capalaba Produce - it's cheaper than a trip to the Ekka!


  1. I had no idea they existed. You will have to pop into our studio next time and say hello when next in the neighbourhood. x

  2. My partner has joked about wanting a mini goat, but it's never going to happen as I'd have no garden!
    That is one very cool chook :)

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