Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Cottage Garden Nursery & Gillian's Garden Cafe

Today after the markets we stopped into The Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane. I literally drive past it every weekday on the way to work - but hadn't popped in for a few years.

Their range of plants and pots was just as I remembered - a carefully selected range with plenty of different varieties you don't seem to find at Bunnings.

I had a good trawl through the antique stalls - my favourite of course was The Old Boathouse. There were some gorgeous finds there today.

But the way I lured Mr Tchotchke into visiting was Gillian's Garden Cafe and the promise of sandcrab lasagne.

It was fantastic! Quite rich but oh so flavoursome.

I had the baked gnocchi with cream and parmesan.

It really reminded me of meals I've eaten in France - with it's totally unapologetic use of cream and cheese... I'm drooling all over again just looking at it now..

FYI I'm almost 100% positive the gnocchi was made on site (I have to admit I'm a bit of a gnocchi snob.. I was raised on my Italian grandmothers phenomenal gnocchi so I'm a little critical of the store bought kind) This gnocchi melted in my mouth..

Well worth a visit if you aren't afraid of super rich, super tasty savoury goodness served with a side of tempting garden pots...

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