Friday, 10 June 2011


After regaling his co-workers with tales of our veggie garden Mr Tchotchke was gifted a sprouting choko from Sheila the lovely accounts lady.

It's not a pretty fruit but it promises to be a vigorous vine (according to my trusty Yates Garden Guide

I added plenty of compost to the soil and then dug in the choko - leaving the top of the fruit and the sprout exposed.

I mulched around the base a little and gave it a good water in. Fingers crossed it likes it's new home.


  1. A choko? I don't think I've ever eaten one. It seems to be off to a good start though.

  2. We eat alot of chokos over here at Betsy's. I sneak them into a pear cake to get some sneaky veges into the kids- we call it Poko cake! I did plant a vine but the wretched possums gnawed it down to a stick. Good luck with yours, perhaps protect it while it is little. melx

  3. Yes, Yummy choko's...I have a couple of vines growing, this one looks like it's off to a Great start! Do you have a fence or trellis for it to climb?

  4. Yes I've popped it under a steel mesh cloche - i don't want Mr Possum to develop a taste for chokos just yet..

    It's at the base of our side fence - so there's plenty of room for it to climb and stretch it's vines. I just hope it gets enough sun.


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