Sunday, 19 June 2011

Garden Update: Peas, Radishes and Zucchinis

I spruced up a bare patch in the veggie garden this afternoon with these sugar snap peas. 

The last batch of bean seedlings I bought were (unbeknownst to me) the dwarf bush variety which disappointingly didn't climb up my pretty support frame. I've left these uncovered so if they make it through the week without being eaten by a possum I'll be amazed.

I also gave radishes a shot for my first time. I figure since they're below the ground they should be safe.

After giving them all a good water in I covered the entire bed in a good layer of sugar cane mulch. I'm always so wigged out by the health warnings on the mulch packaging - so I was out there spreading mulch with a sequinned scarf wrapped around my face so I wouldn't breathe in the mulch dust. (yes the sequinned one was the only one long enough). And I still spent the next hour certain I could feel the dust in my mouth. Paranoia is setting in.

But look at our first zucchini! Mr Tchotchke took it upon himself to plant zucchini seeds right next to our driveway (I know - veggies in the front yard - how Italian of me). He hand pollinated this flower a few days ago and it looks like it's setting fruit pretty well!


  1. Thanks for the tip Alecia! Have found a few space invader tiles already! Hope your peas give you lots and hope those possums stay away!

  2. my pleasure Mrs Bok! enjoy all the gorgeous Parisian gardens for me!

  3. I love that you have vegies in the front yard. That zucchini is showing great promise!


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