Saturday, 18 June 2011

Newtown Old Wares, Sydney

On weekends in other cities - I pretty much do the same things as I do on regular weekends - haunt antique stores. Last weekend in Sydney I visited Newtown Old Wares.

It's one of many antique/vintage/retro shops along King st and was chock full of treasures.

My favourite was the below flamingo garden sculpture. I've been on the look out for one since spotting a plastic one at The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas

Unfortunately I had to leave him there. Although the thought of bringing him home as hand luggage on the flight back did make me smile..

I'd love this little tiled table for deck..

Mmm lobsters..

What a great wall. These phones remind me of my grandmother..

My verdict - lots of great stuff - but certainly at Sydney prices. I thought that since there were so many shops along King st  - the competition would help keep prices down - but evidently not. I saw a Trecthikoff print for $550!! I'll be sticking with my old faithful Woolloongabba Antiques Centre thank-you-very-much..


  1. I like the flamingo too! Aren't those places great? I'd love to visit Katherine in her store at WAC.I hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

  2. Wac is just the best isn't it and the prices are really reasonable. Was it you who popped in and saw Kris with her vintage van yesterday? She posted on my blog today and said that someone had told her about the post. Her van and bits and bobs a visual treat aren't they? melx

  3. I was thinking about flamingos too the other day!

    It's a shame the prices were so high ... just think if they were a little more reasonable you would have walked out of there stuff under your arms and they'd have made some money.

    See you at the WAC!

  4. Hi mel - nope it wasn't me!

    Mr Tchotchke thought I was insane when I pointed out the flamingo - but I love the idea of it peeking its head out of the veggie patch!


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