Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What I'm Reading: Clean

So I've started reading Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself. It was a late night Amazon.com purchase when I was lured by the temptation of free shipping. And Gwenyth blogged about it. And it was only £3. 

I'm only a few chapters in but so far it's thoroughly depressing. According to Alejandro Junger MD - everything is toxic. The food we eat, the air we breath, our house paint, our bed linen, our clothes, our meat, our shower curtains... Shower curtains! Cut me a break already.

I'm all for organic food and growing your own veggies and being green, but I also believe in everything in moderation - I think if you bought into his "everything is toxic" mantra you'd never leave the house.

I was actually kinda surprised when I just googled this photo of him. I thought he'd look far nuttier.

Its the first kind of diet/self help/mantra-esque book I've ever read - and I'm even kind of hesitant to even admit to reading it. I'm struggling with it so far - but I'm kind of curious to see where he goes with it.

I have the feeling he's going to recommend I clothe myself with a hemp sack and live in cave, snacking occasionally on organic soil.

I'll keep you posted...


  1. Well, I have read the book AND done the cleanse. I am not locked up in my house and eat nuts all day. hahaha I think, if you go in it without the mindset of change, then you're probably gonna have a hard time with it. Yes, even shower curtains are toxic, haha but, the main idea that I got out of it, is to make time for meditation and to make better food choices. Not the extreme to throw out everything you see. Not sure where you live, but in fact most of the things we buy everyday have some sort of toxin or carcinogen. So, it's good to read it with an open mind. Or not... hahahaha Maybe I just saw the positive in it lol


  2. Oooooh.... My kind of book!
    Thanks for the heads up Alecia! xLouise


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