Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kale: Coming Soon To A Veggie Patch Near You! (Or Me)

A few weeks ago I embarked on a short lived Clean detox (inspired by reading this book). Although I couldn't stick with the fruit smoothies for dinner (in winter!) for more than four days - I did take a few things on board.

One of key ingredients in a few of the suggested meals and smoothies was kale. I'd never seen kale at our local supermarkets but knew that the West End markets stalls would surely have some. They did - however this lovely bunch with its vivid purple and green tipped curly leaves set me back $5.

Apparently kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables like, ever.

Which is great - but at $5 a pop for a few leaves it won't exactly be on high rotation at dinnertime.

Until I had the fantastic idea to grow my own! I've ordered some seeds for nero di tuscana (black tuscan?) kale from Select Organic.
via Select Organic
At $3.50 for 120 seeds I'm practically making money! Now let's just hope they like their new home in the veggie patch.


  1. Our roomies in LA were OBSESSED with Kale!

  2. It had all the taste and exciting mouthfeel of a fern...

    I appreciate its crazy nutrient filled an all...could be the delivery method...maybe try Kale brownies Brooke! ( the baked kind, don't feed it to the lil cherubs, no badge would make up for that...)

  3. What a fabulously gorgeous vegetable. What on earth does it taste like? Spinach? melx

  4. ha! And looks awesome in a vase if it doesn't taste so good. lovT

  5. Love kale - it looks and tastes amazing, and it's good for you ;)

  6. I thought $5 for a bunch of organic kale was a lot as well, until I realised how far it goes! One bunch does me (AND Mr Tonic) for 3 separate meals!
    SO good for you. And bear in mind that the cost-to-grams-of-nutrients ratio is relatively low compared to other veggies.

  7. Louise - I had just come to terms with the $5 price tag and would you believe I've found another stallholder that has bunches for $2.95. yay! And with three little seedlings germinating on the deck I won't be too far away from growing my own..


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