Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Slow Cooker Poached Pears

I had a moment of brilliance at the West End markets on the weekend.

I was at the nice apple man's stand (deemed so because my friend had a not so nice shopping experience with another apple man) gazing at the mountains of pears - and it struck me - could I poach a pear in our slow cooker?

As is turns out - yes I could!

I'm a big fan of poached pears (I still salivate at the thought of the poached pear french toast they used to serve at Au Cirque in New Farm a few years ago..) but they're not ideal dinner party desserts since they take a little while to soften up and should be monitored. But in a slow cooker - we could set them up before our guests arrived and simply pluck them out to serve!

We peeled the pears (we used beurre bosc pears) and popped them in the slow cooker with water, sugar, cinnamon and honey, turned it onto high, and let them do their thing for three hours.

Don't they look cute all lined up? They could have been a little softer - but they were still soft enough to eat with a spoon so maybe I'm being picky. We served them with some citrus marscapone and mint from our garden. Drool.


  1. I've never had a really soft one. Even at Cirque! They look delicious!

  2. Ooh you clever I'm going to get out my slow cooker and make some too.....and where did you get the citrus marscapone hmm? hmm??? go on, spill the beans....

  3. YUM! How fabulous do they look... I am going to the wrong dinner parties... I like that you have a nice apple man. I have a nice apple couple. They let the boys play in the back of their truck. And fabulous apples.

  4. Ooh an apple couple? Twice as good!

    Alex we mixed up regular marscapone with lemon rind and juice - yummo

  5. Wow your food styling is gorgeous. They look scrumptious!!


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