Wednesday, 6 July 2011

When TV and Design Collide: The Block & Top Design

I feel a little like George Costanza in that Seinfeld episode when Relationship George and Independent George's "worlds collide."

Over the past fortnight my work life and design obsessions have collided - hello The Block! It's been going great guns so far - the houses are a wreck, the couples are a great mix and rooms have been diverse.

My favourite couple have been Katrina and Amie - you can follow Katrina's blog here for plenty of inside dirt.

Katrina & Amie's Guest Room - image via ninemsn

But my favourite room last week was probably Jenna and Josh's - I'd love that window seat in my front room, and I was looking for a mid-century style bedside table for months last year with no luck.

Jenna & Josh's Room - image via ninemsn
But the design fest doesn't end here - Top Design is just around the corner - and today I discovered that the writer of a fave blog - Snoop, Amanda Talbot, is going to be one of the judges.

Worlds collide! I promise I won't implode...


  1. What about 'The Renovators'?! The ads are super well-made.

  2. Yeah the promos look very slick! Not sure when that one starts...

  3. It's all a bit exciting and overwhelming! I know I'm going to be hooked on all of them :)

  4. I'm watching it now on your recommendation!


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