Monday, 18 July 2011

Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe

We were driving through Teneriffe looking for a car park on the weekend and were lured into Sourced Grocer by the crowd lined up for coffees.

They've combined a gorgeous cafe and small grocer (complete with cold room) in a refurbed warehouse space.

Hmm cold room cheese..

We couldn't resist having a late breakfast - I had fruit loaf with marscapone and strawberries.

And Mr Tchotchke had sardines and relish.

The cafe had limited seating and so we had to balance the plates on our laps which wasn't ideal - but my brekkie was so tasty it was well worth it (Mr Tchotchke said his sardines were great - I took his word for it).

They had flowers for sale too - look at these lovely pink fluffy chryssies for $12!

Apparently they've only been open for 6 weeks - but between us suburbanites who drive in for weekend breakfasts and the locals popping up for some taste bomb tomatoes (see top pic) I'm sure they'll do fantastically.


  1. I hope they do well. They look very 'understated classy'.

    And your breakfasts look absolutely delicious ... even the sardines! (Though Sardines? I'd rather eat dirt, to be honest).

  2. OMG - look at the cheese......all revved up and ready to check it out tomorrow!

    And speaking of sardines...this might make some readers puke at the thought...but I experimented with putting some sardines on pizza last night as a topping and it was delicious!!!

  3. yes sardines aren't my cup of tea I'm afraid - especially for breakfast... although I have been known to have anchovies for breakfast from the indonesian stand at the west end markets..

    FYI - Mr Tchotchke says he loves your sardine pizza idea :)

  4. Alecia I went to this place for lunch last week and had the BEST sandwich!!
    A great little grocer with some good produce too. BTW, thanks for your lovely comments and for following my blog... and now I've found yours and love it!!

  5. We found it a wrote a post about it as well. I loved the sardines. We have become regulars at the Sourced Grocer.


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