Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hanging Chicken Feeder and Tres Chic Tomatoes

I spotted an extra little friend in the chicken coop last week (let me give you a hint - it rhymes with house..) and realised that we needed to re think our hanging feeder set up.

Mr Tchotchke knocked up a great little hanger from the mesh roof of the coop - and when I queried how it would go in the rain - he repurposed an old light fitting to act as shield. Not bad hey? 

Charlotte likes it.

In other news, our little tomato plants were outgrowing their mesh huts, so I fashioned some larger protective cages for them.

I made sure I closed in the tops of all the mesh tubes because last year we had a sneaky possum that climbed all the way up and dropped inside for a tomato feast.

I cut up a stripy cloth from the rag bucket to use as ties for the stakes. Don't my tomatoes look tres chic?

The climbing sugar snap peas and radishes are coming along nicely after only three weeks. The mesh in the lower left hand corner is covering a coriander sprout I grew from seed - here's hoping he hangs in there.

The choko vine hasn't done too bad seeing it looked like this only one month ago..

Go choko go!!

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