Monday, 28 February 2011

Suburban Chickens

I don't know if its because I never really had proper pets as a child - (well, with the exception of the three goldfish named DJ, Stephanie and Michelle after the Full House sisters - but they didn't last very long) but I've grown so attached to our three chickens since we got them last May.

I'll admit it was a slightly longer wait than I expected until we started to get eggs, but they're the funniest little pets and the fact that they earn their keep with lovely eggs is a bonus.

This is Henrietta - she loves to lay out in the sunshine with one wing extended.

This is Charlotte - named after the white chook on a kids show I worked on.

And this is Dr Octopus our adorable silkie.

I've given her a haircut since this photo was taken so she can see properly now. She lays teeny tiny eggs and goes broody at least once every two months - she spends all day in the nesting box and makes the most pained squeals if you try and move her little furry butt.

We got our girls from City Chicks and I can't recommend them highly enough.


  1. Luvvie

    If you love chooks and would like to read about another blogger's chooks, check out this blog of which I am particularly fond. I am pea green with envy regarding your chooks. I have heard of City Chicks and will certainly consider them as my first choice if I ever venture down this path.

  2. aw I love her chookie pictures! what a shame that she's moved on to the UK - but I love that she's found some chooks to photograph there too.


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