Saturday, 19 February 2011

West End Markets

A trip to the West End markets has become a lovely routine on a Saturday morning over the last two years, whether we're meeting friends for breakfast or supplementing our weekly veggie box with extra supplies. After a felafel wrap and an iced coffee I was ready to face the crowds and stock up on supplies for tomorrow.

I loved the amazing colour of these dragonfruit.

King oyster mushrooms were an unusual sight.

Some of those lychees are in my fridge right now - hello afternoon tea.

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  1. wow! You're a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER! <3 I love the colors (plus, I have been scrolling through other posts hehe) I also love that you look for budget friendly alternatives to things you like that are costy. :) I am now following your blog!

    PS: Thanks your your awesome comment on mine!




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