Monday, 21 February 2011

Martha's Lemon Cake

Oh Martha - I do love how you're slightly mean to all the guests on your show because they can never make their Christmas decorations as perfectly as yours - but do you purposefully make your recipes hard to navigate so our cakes never outshine yours?

I had a stab at Martha Stewart's Lemon Cake on the weekend for my Mum's birthday. 

Which of course meant that I got to use my lovely KitchenAid mixer.

Which is a good thing since I'm trying to bring down it's cost per use in order to justify it's existence in our kitchen. Can you see the 67 point planetary action?

It makes great pizza dough, and it can even roll lasagne sheets - but no it unfortunately doesn't read the recipe for you and ensure that you've printed out all the applicable pages.

It was only when I'd cooked both cakes, made the frosting, candied the lemons and was about to layer one cake on top of the other that I read the line in her recipe that mentioned lemon curd - a hyper link recipe that I suppose I should have noticed, clicked, printed and cooked earlier.. but I think Martha had buried it in the opening descriptive paragraph to ensure that my cake would never be superior to hers.. Luckily I had a jar of marmalade in the fridge that served as a perfectly fine spread between the cake layers.

Nonetheless I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The whipped frosting gradually recoiled in horror at the heat of the afternoon, but the cake inside was lovely and nobody seemed to think the marmalade filling was strange. It even looked pretty similar to the one from the recipe. See Martha, your devious plan to outsmart me was foiled..

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  1. I need to Brooke to wake up and bake me this delicious cake for me right now despite it being just past midnight!


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