Friday, 30 September 2011

Hey Jude (The Obscure) Why So Glum?

My new David Austin rose (and first attempt into the world of rose growing) - the curiously named Jude the Obscure -  has been going well so far -  progressing from a depressing bare rooted stick to a lovely leafy bush much faster than I expected (8 weeks!)

It's even popped out a promising bud, which has grown into a tennis ball sized bloom that I've been excitedly monitoring each day. I took this photo this morning.

So when I arrived home this afternoon - a mere 10 hours later - to find the lovely bloom looking like this....

... I was a little disheartened. It was pretty warm today so I'm hoping that it was just having a little sulk. I gave it a good drink this afternoon so fingers crossed she comes good tomorrow.


  1. Oh what a pity! Maybe it was the heat? Maybe it was a bit humid?
    Look out for the next bloom and see if it's better. I love David Austins and planted Ambridge Rose this year. I can't wait to see it bloom :)

  2. Oh sad rose! I'm a DA old rose fan too and unfortunately that flower will not come good. Best to cut it off and encourage new ones. When the flower drops like that and dries out it means it has been too hot and the sun has burnt it...

  3. Oh no! I'm feeling really sad for the beautiful flower now. maybe you could flower press it so u have it 'forever'. Or rose petals + oil for the bath! damn Brisbane heat! LovT


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