Monday, 5 September 2011

Going Bananas for Spring

Look at what I spotted peeking out from under a banana leaf on the weekend..

Finally a banana flower! It's been about 20 months since we feasted on our last lot of bananas - that tree has since come down and this is the sucker that's popped up to take it's place. It's pretty slow progress - at this rate I won't be profiting from the high banana prices any time soon..

These are some other flowers I'm excited to see - it's the solanum potato vine that we've grown over the chicken run. It's been a vigorous grower and has done a good job covering the ugly steel mesh in a relatively short time, but it's never flowered! I've always wondered what it's lacking and why it wasn't flowering - I guess it was just biding it's time and maybe waiting for spring.


  1. You'll have to enjoy that banana slowly. At least it's free. Our local fruit shop has a sign saying "no cash or bananas kept on the premises overnight".
    Your garden is springing into spring!

  2. How cool that you can grow bananas. It's way too cold down here in Tas though there is one plant at the botanical gardens. Go bananas!

  3. Your camera is a cracker! I'm in the market for one, in fact i feel like i've asked you this before - or maybe i was going to and didn't ... can you tell me what type of camera you have? You're a great photographer.

  4. Would you believe I also have a banana plant that is flowering AND a potato vine over our chicken coop.

    How funny.

  5. The garden really can be so exciting...I know I live a quiet life ha ha. I bet those bananas will be so sweet...YUM! xx Katherine

  6. EAP - I use a Canon fz35 - it's actually just a point and shoot and I have to admit using the auto setting more often that not :)

    Ali - what are the chances of that? I couldn't believe it when I found out it was called a potato vine.. Where are the potatoes?


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