Monday, 19 September 2011

Brisbane Roller Derby Bout

Guess where I went on Saturday night?

There were two highly publicised rugby matches on  - but I went to a sporting event of a different kind.

I went to my first ever roller derby meet! It was a double header - Northern Brisbane Rollers v Brisbane City Rollers and then Sydney Assassins.

It was totally amazeballs. As soon as we entered the crowded convention centre hall it was sensory overload - scantily clad women in fishnets and wheels, kooky referees, pumping music and market stalls.

It took more than a few laps of the court to get our bearings and figure out what the aim of the game is.

We were informed that there's actually a 45 page rulebook and it's extremely complex - however we were more than happy to just soak it all up and enjoy the atmosphere...

And the spills...

Luckily though there didn't seem to be any serious crashes - although I'm sure they got their fair share of bruises.

Maybe that's why the long socks are popular?

I tell you now - these ladies were fast! Photographing them was pretty difficult.

The next Northern Brisbane Rollers meet is on October 22nd at the Brisbane Convention Centre - I highly recommend going along for an awesome, and very different, night out.

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  1. It looks like fun. I got invited to try out for a local team but I didn't go. I heard somewhere that it's the fastest growing ladies sport in the world!


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