Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Propagating Rosemary

I helped my family out with some garden work this weekend, and was rewarded with these cuttings from their rosemary bush.

It was a really big bush. They actually used a chainsaw to cut it back. I felt a little sheepish looking at the tiny twig I've been carefully tending to in our garden.

I'd heard that rosemary was relatively easy to propagate - so I reserved half of the bundle to dry, and popped the other half into vases and jars of water to propagate. 

This is one of the largest sprigs (like the blue mason jar left over from our wedding reception table settings?). I'm actually unsure if a sprig this big will take root - so I've hedged my bets by using a variety of different size twigs. Here's hoping I'm on my way to rosemary hedge of my own.


  1. Could be talking out of my ear but not sure if the hardwood twigs will get roots. Try a few of the green stems as well. Could also be thinking of lavender, not really sure. Love that photo and the table cloth by the way. melx

  2. I think you're on to something. I had a bit more time on the weekend and snipped the stems off the big branches, removed half of the leaves and popped the much smaller stems into the water. Am feeling much better about their chances now!


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