Friday, 19 August 2011

Ekka Highlights

I took advantage of our public holiday on Wednesday to visit the Ekka!

Would you believe it was the first time I'd had one of the famous strawberry sundaes? I was curious to try the new icecream by Mamminos - and I was pleasantly surprised - it was so delicious! They just need to get rid of the rubbish cardboard cones..

A new attraction this year was the Lindeman's Open Garden - we were drawn in initially because it just looked like a nice place to sit and eat lunch (and buy a bottle of wine!)...

... but we discovered they had a great hanging basket activity. This was the huge metal "tree" in the middle of the site.

In exchange for your email address (inputted into an ipad by promo girls) you were given a hanging basket, and could choose two flowering and one herb to assemble into it. This was the very cute planting area..

There wasn't a huge selection of plants - but hey - it was all free! I chose a poppy, some white pansies and some cat grass. After we had finished our baskets they hung they all up on the tree, and we picked them up on our way home. A brilliant marketing idea if you ask me.

But of course it wouldn't be the Ekka without some gratuitous chicken shots.

I always find it funny how I'm certain that my chickens have soo much personality and are so unique and I could pick them in a line up easily - until I visit the Ekka. We saw row after row of Charlottes, Henrietta's and even a few Dr Octopuses! (they must have caught the bus in)


  1. I love the look of those ice creams! Love the hanging pot idea too. Those chooky pictures take me back. When I was little my dad showed his chooks at our local show and they were mostly Hamburgs - just like the chook in the last pic. My sister and I had our pics taken with the winners for the newspaper :)

  2. I just love the black and white mottled feathers - they look so chic! Might be next on my chooky list...

  3. Those hanging baskets are a great idea. Happy Gardening.


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