Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Before and After: Our Kitchen

In honour of the impending finale of everyone's favourite home renovation show The Block, I thought I'd post about our own home renovation with a quick before and after of our kitchen.

This is the before shot from the real estate agent photos.

It was well worn but certainly liveable... however we were doing so much to the house already we figured we'd overhaul the kitchen too before we moved in.

Whenever I see these pics I'm certain they used a crazy fish eye lens - and I have no idea how the previous owner ever used that table - its such a small space..

Then Mr Tchotchke went to work as a demolition apprentice.

Mr T and my wonderful Dad pulling down the awful ceilings.

And then the walls...

Yup we took it right back to its bare bones.

After the plastering and painting in went the IKEA kitchen! We hired a guy to put it in for us (note: not their recommended installation company) - and for a kitchen that the pro's should be able to assemble in a day - he took five weeks. Enough said.

Ahh my lovely Domsjo sink.. it was so much cheaper than other butler sinks I was slightly wary - but over one year on it still looks the goods.

See that wiring hole in the back of the microwave cupboard? Our kitchen dude drilled it in two other places too. #shouldhavedoneitourselves

We used the Numerar worktops and Lidingo cabinets, with Varde handles and Grej drawer pulls (don't you love IKEA names?)

And here is how it looks today!

It's a great little kitchen - warm and practical - hampton's-esque but not too snooty.

I think the subway tile and butcher block counters are pretty timeless - and if we ever get sick of the pistachio green paint and stripey curtain (made it myself from IKEA fabric) we can change them relatively easily for a whole new look.

I think IKEA cops a bad rap sometimes - but I'm a big fan of their kitchens. The downloadable planning tool was fantastic - it let me change the layout twenty times to ensure I decided on the best combination of cabinets, and their products are really designed for maximising small spaces. Our kitchen has all the bells and whistles - soft close drawers, corner pull outs and carousels, in and under cabinet lightning and crazy storage - and there's no way we would have been able to afford those features with other brands. And who else gives you a 25 year guarantee?

(I swear I don't work for IKEA's PR department.)


  1. wow, I love your look, lovely clean fresh lines with some personality and warmth, great work

  2. Preeching to the converted here! Massive fan of ikea :)
    Yours looks so good and I agree, it will be so easy to change if you feel like it. White is so classic. Love it!

  3. Really like your kitchen, including the pistachio green. Is that a mustard yellow kitchenaid? never seen that colour before- looks really at home. Good to hear positives about an Ikea kitchen, we are considering one for Betsy's makeover.

  4. Ooo how excitement! When you renovate, you really renovate! It looks just gorgeous - I very much like the little French windows (I think that's what they are called!).

    I am about to get a new kitchen, and I love, love, love knowing what people like/dislike about what they've done... what's your favourite thing? And your least?

    I am IN LOVE with your sink... is that from IKEA?

  5. Bungalowgirl - it's a "yellow pepper" kitchenaid. it took me a little while to decide which colour I liked best - but since I brought her home I've never regretted getting such a bright one!

    Ali - favourite things are possibly the lights inside the pantry and the top cabinets - I never really gave them that much thought but boy do they make a difference. And the countertops - the colour just glows and they'll develop more character with every year.

    Least favourite thing is probably that there's no drainer top next to the sink, as with stainless steel sinks. We don't have a dishwasher so do all washing up in the sink, and because of the timber countertops we take care to always mop up any splashes of water. It's an annoyance, but i'd never trade in the gorgeous porcelain sink! (and yes it's from ikea! about $450 from memory)

  6. There are wide assortment of bar sinks to choose from which are obtainable inside the marketplace. It ranges from the smaller space sinks to the commercial size one- those which can be found in the establishments.

  7. hi there
    Your new kitchen is lovely, I love that fresh green colour. We will be doing an IKEA kitchen in a month or so and are still in the order planning stage (phew). We also wanted a wall mounted microwave cupboard, but my microwave is 450mm deep. I notice that yours snuggles nicely in the 370mm deep cupboard, is your microwave not as deep or have you customised the depth of your wall cupboards? There is a tall microwave unit we may have to use instead. ;D


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