Monday, 8 August 2011

DIY Wedding Card Art (in the style of... Damien Hirst)

I'm a keeper.

And by that I mean, I tend to keep things. Useful things, pretty things, sentimental things. 

I'd been keeping all of our engagement and wedding cards from our friends and family in a big box in the cupboard, until one day I decided that they'd be put to better use in a craft project.

I'd always really loved Damien Hirst's LSD series, especially in the below shot from Elle.

via Elle
But since I don't have a lazy 7,500 GBP, and I also didn't want to paint my own and directly plagiarise his idea, I thought I'd utilise all the lovely graphics from our wedding cards instead.

I picked a glass the right size and traced the circumference on the front of each card. I cut a variety of different images, some deliberate, some abstract, with different textures and colours, and played around with the placement until I was happy with how it looked. I love that there's a chicken in there, and Mick Jagger's lips too.

You could obviously appropriate this idea with any cards from any occasion, ie a birthday, graduation, anniversary etc. It would even be great to use momentos and maps from travels.

I think it fits in well with alongside Mrs Wong and our indigenous art. I love how it just looks like an interesting print but to me it has so much more sentimental value. And best of all it didn't cost a cent.


  1. What a fabulous idea - looks great. LOVE your living room! That chesterfield has just the right amount of wear and Tretchikoff's a favourite of mine too. Miss Wong is very beautiful.

  2. a super gorgeous idea! yours is lovely.


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