Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bunnies of the Apple Isle

Pet bunnies are illegal in the fair state of Queensland. Mr Tchotchke once made the mistake of asking about this at a pet shop and was harshly chastised by the shopkeeper with the reasoning "they destroy infrastructure!"

So that may have something to do with why I'm so enamoured with them. You know - you always want what you can't have. I don't know if I'd move to Tasmania just for the bunnies, but they seem to have more than enough to go around.

We saw this little guy in the side yard of a house in Swansea on the east coast. Very Peter Rabbit no?

Here's Mr T staring down a cooped up junior detective on the front lawn of the Swansea Police station!

Here's a city dwelling bunny back down in Hobart.

And me chasing after him. Yah I'm really subtle.

And this relaxed chap was in the gardens at Cascade Brewery. One too many pale ales I suspect.

Ah bunnies - the forbidden fruit.


  1. Can't you keep rabbits? Really? Even neutered ones? Cute neutered ones?

    Infrastructure? Do they destroy bridges and highways? I find that hard to believe. There should be some sort of grass-roots campaign against this sort of bureacratic control on freedom of pet choice. Sign me up.

  2. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love the pic of you chasing the bunny!

    I have to say bunnies in the apple isle must be so chilled out and plentiful because there are no foxes there!

    I love my bunny. He is at my feet at the moment keeping them warm :) He tends to hang around the fridge a lot much like myself, hoping for a treat to materialise magically!

  3. I too have unrequited bunny love.Tell me, how do all the other states cope with bunny carnage wreaked onto their infrastructure? melx

  4. We have bunnies in the grounds at my work and they are so naughty and have no idea that they're supposed to be scared of us. Very cheeky.
    I like that dark one in the pics, you don't see many of those.

  5. Nope - no bunnies allowed at all - neutered or not. We actually looked into it - and the only loophole is if you're a MAGICIAN!!! And the bulk of your income has to be from it - so you can't just do a handful of kids parties and then give it up.

    Mrs Bok - I love when your Tim Tam features on your blog! I even showed Mr T when you first got him.

    I really don't know how all the other states cope with bunny inflicted infrastructure sabotage. Maybe they employ foxes to guard their bridges and highways?

  6. arrrrghhh I want all the bunnies!


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