Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mystery Succulent Flower

I love a good mystery - don't you?

This little potted succulent was a leftover from the previous owner of the house. It's a little battler - it withers and shrinks and then comes back again, and has flowered each year with this bulbous purple lone flower.

To be honest it kind of freaks me out - once upon a time I worked on film about flesh eating vines, and they had waxy flowers that lured people to their death...(yah not exactly an award winner)... and I think it reminds me of them...

It also kind of reminds me of a banana flower - this one's on our tiny banana tree near the chicken coop - here's hoping that the bananas get a little bigger.

Anyway - my google searches haven't come up with anything - so if you know what my mystery succulent is please let me know!


  1. no idea what the heck that is. Definitely creepy- reminds me of a very scary Dr Who set in the snow that freaked me out for years. good luck with the search- keep us posted on the flower.melx

  2. Being in Tassie it's really cool to see bananas in your garden. That mystery flower is amazing!

  3. My dad's got one of these too and am busy putting together a photobook of their garden for them... would love to know what it is. Did you ever find out?

  4. Think I found what it is ... Stapelia leendertziae! So happy to fill in the caption in my photobook for my parents. Thought I'd share :)

  5. you're a gem! thanks so much for helping to solve the mystery!!


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